Friday, May 22, 2009

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via anna trevelyan

nasir mazhar via anna trevelyan

I'm waiting to become my age. Probably shouldn't do that, given I am whatever age I am, tant pis. I've been too old for it for a long time. Now I'm beginning to think I'm going the opposite way. It's probably a product of being around people younger than me all the time here in France, an irritating truth of the exchange process, which extends into thinking about the past, because friends at home are irrevocably frozen in time via distance.

People my age:


As you can see, I, like everyone else on the web, am digging white shirts at the moment. I tried to find some more than fashion inspiring people, but I picked some dodgy search terms. Share some with me if you please (or just yourself, whatever).


  1. That top look is amazing.


  2. Aw I constantly feel like I'm stuck with an older brain than my years when I'm with people my own age, but oh well. Loving white shirts hell yes, agreed. Thanks for checking out my blog... love!