Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 4

Sorry this is dragging on. I've been thrown into taking a French exam (internationally recognised diploma type exam) at a level that will be way too hard for me (B2). I'm not expecting to pass, and will even be in Belgium for the oral component, so there's actually no possible way for me to pass, but I'm not looking forward to 2.5 hours of staring at an exam that I can't do, so I've been studying French grammar aggressively. Kill me. Oh well, it's quite useful, if only I could remember it.

Here's a fun test: what's the difference between a demonstrative pronoun and a demonstrative adjective? No google!

On a more interesting and fun note, here's day 4:

Sorry I don't have the individual designers' names on hand, but what amazing new talent! So fresh.

Sara Philips
Not overly impressed with this collection. Bit samey..

Romance Was Born
What insanos. Some of these pieces took the sea theme a little too literally...
These are the quite toned down ones.

Lisa Ho
Another unoriginal collection, though I adore that button down shirt.

Karla Spetic
Loving the crochet and the slouch. Some great beachwear in this collection.

Juli Grbac
Great lines, great flow, great gold on the side of the runway.

Gary Bigeni
Pas mal, mais pas vachement interessant non plus.

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