Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 5

Last one. I took a break from studies and watched Shortbus. What a bizarre film. Though I agree with the director that the explicit nature of the film is necessary. So explicit! I've never seen so many naked bodies in the space of an hour and a half. Then listened to Bloc Party and felt pessimistic about the state of humanity, as you do when you listen to Bloc Party. Makes me feel a bit dirty for spending time on fashion. But it's a beautiful day, and the forest was very pretty this afternoon. I'm rambling, here's the beautiful people.

The Cassette Society
I love this designer, so I was a bit disappointed with a collection which I could probably find in European high street stores for much cheaper prices.

Michael Lo Sordo
Love the belt throughout. And the white shirts.

Magdelena Velevska
Usually I like draping dresses like that one, but this collection didn't seem to pull them off, despite the lovely feminine prints and colours.

Fernando Frisoni
Mmm white and waistcoats, lovely. Though I'm not a fan of the feet bandaging.


  1. Yeah the cassette society didn't come all out this season, hopefully they'll get it together. My friend loved shortbus & he made me watch it, it was good but your right, a little overwhelming sometimes, kind of relentless. Great blog!

  2. that tutu is basically the best thing ive ever seen

    shortbus is for sure a sensory overload.. go on pandora.com and make a bloc party station. ive discovered some fantastic new shit that way