Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 3.2

Day three, second installment (Australian Fashion Week). Looking through all these collections has made me wonder what actually makes me look at a piece twice, or to do the old 'save as'. Is it because it's different, innovative? Is it because it's flattering? Is it because it's in style? Is it just because I think the model's got great legs? What makes us like a piece of clothing or an outfit? I have no idea of my own tastes. I wouldn't say I have a cohesive style or set of inspirations that form some kind of entire vision. Is this the point of fashion? Continuous consumerism because not even we know what we want? Are we told or do we tell? Enough of these musings, here's the collections.

I can't say I'm in love with this collection, though some of the pieces are interesting. The mix of mesh and futuristic printing isn't particularly new, but I like how casually it's implemented here.

Konstantina Mittas
Some interesting styling on some otherwise odd or dull pieces. Have to admit I love the silhouette of the first piece here though, and dresses/skirts with pockets gain immediate points from me.

Kirrily Johnston
Chains, clocks, draping, slouch. What more could anyone want?

Kate Sylvester
This collection left me a little stumped. What's with the strap harness? I've put a range of pieces here because I'm not quite sure what to think. There's a few bits of interest, the splatter print, the chain gathering. It's all a bit incohesive and uninteresting. Your thoughts?

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  1. i like the over the knee socks! xx

  2. La robe version longue de couleur nude est définitivement ma préférée je dois l'avouée!