Saturday, September 05, 2009

Of Saints.

And so begins la rentrée. To stave off such awful thoughts as that, I spent a couple of days in Paris. Managed to catch some form of tonsillitis which hasn't fully disappeared. Thank you metro.

Started in Père Lachaise. Eerie and beautiful. The monuments to the concentration camp victims were the most moving.

Stumbled across the All Saints store, newly opened this year, and undergoing some reconstruction when I went in. I can not say enough how much I love this designer. The fabrics are a delight to touch. I managed to walk out with nothing but money in my bank account, but have been pining over the website ever since. Some of my favourites:

Oh this coat this coat this coat. If only I could reason that much money when I only have to suffer four months of cold until I don't need it for years... Did I mention I've been in France for seven months now? It seems ridiculous. Now a few bits of inspiration here and there.



Farewell summer, thanks for all the good times. I'll see you soon.