Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of waiting.

This is what my room would look like if I wasn't living out of host families. They're great and all but how I wish it was really my own space. My two host mothers spent about half an hour talking about how messy I was and how they 'didn't mind, they leave my room to be my room,' but since I know they've each cleaned my room (in their respective houses) at least once I can't help but feel guilty. And I thought I was being good! (picture curtesy of arvidabystrom).

I'm off to London on Thursday and I couldn't be happier about it. I shall be doing lots of vintage shopping (prices otherwise are trop cher for me, damn Australian dollar), celebrating birthdays and generally living it up. These past few days has just been spent anticipating this, and lamenting the lack of warmth. The spring and summertime I see all over blogs and lookbook has not yet reached the north of France, and though I do sit outside in the sun and read my book, it's with the aid of jeans and a jumper. So I will not post here about the joys of springtime colour, but instead of my need for wintery basics a little out of my price range, and beautiful black and whites things I can only dream of. Note to self: wear heels once in a while, I know you're too tall for the oh so petite French, but you can do it anyway.

Anzenino and Florence poncho (from I don't like mondays)

Scout tights (from I don't like mondays)

And I am in dire need of skinny black jeans (I know, who doesn't own a pair of skinny black jeans? What've I been wearing for the past four years? I can't say... I really can't). It's a toss up between these Cheap Mondays (unisex) from I don't like mondays (I know, I know enough with the Mondays), and the Neon Nights below, of Sass and Bide (though that would make three pairs of Sass and Bide jeans in my wardrobe).The Cheap Mondays come in at a much cheaper price (around $90AUS compared to $220AUS) but the fact that they're unisex deters me. Any thoughts?Mommy vs Daddy tee (from I don't like mondays)

And now for the more beautiful, less wearable offerings.

Nina Ricci S/S '08

As above

Lie Sang Bong S/S '08

Givenchy HC S/S '07

Balenciaga Fall '06

Flair Limited Edition Dec '06
All from fashionspot

And alright, alright I'm not entirely defeatist. I'll leave you with some hope of spring thanks to Erez Sabag and The Clothes Horse. Have a great week.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today the wind blew me across the sand at a great rate of knots. "Char à Voile" it's called, and it was ridiculous amounts of fun, the freezing cold from speeding through water aside. After a wild and disappointing Friday night, and a Saturday of recovery, it was rejuvenating. I think France might make more of the sea with all it's water sports than Australia does. I guess it's not warm enough to rest on the beach here, so something must be done with it.

Char à Voile:

Google Images

And in that vein, I've unfortunately lost the sources for this, which I love:

Jonathan Saunders. This is one of my favourite dresses of all time.

Jean Paul Gaultier S/S '08 Paris (old news I know):

fashion spot

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday a watched a drunken homeless man fall over. And it was like everything suddenly stopped. He had a walking aid, three wheel contraption, and fell over sideways in the middle of a five lane bus stop. Everyone waiting heard his moan as he fell, and then watched him for at least a minute before a couple of girls went to help him to the seat. The bus shelter emptied quickly. He was trying to catch a bus, but couldn't stand. One boy had to push him down to keep him seated. After some struggle, he managed to stand but fell again, hitting his head on the shelter wall. The boy told him to stay there, rather than try and stand and fall again. One old lady just kept saying 'oh la la, mon Dieu, mon Dieu'. Eventually the boy helped him back to the seat, and I caught the bus. You could smell liquor on him. I felt very helpless. And unfeeling.

Unfeeling unlike Tilda Swinton (sorry about the tenuous linkage) who once said, "I'm basically interested in identity, and I still find fascinating the question, 'How do we identify ourselves, and how do we settle into other people's expectations for our identity?'" An interesting question to ponder, especially when on exchange.

She's one of my favourite actresses and is seen here modelling:

Google Images

Photographed by Raymond Meier in T Magazine

AnOther Magazine Spring/Summer 2009: Tilda Swinton by Craig McDean

Here in an excellent movie, Orlando playing a
nobleman character who lives for 400 years while changing sex from man to woman. Interesting movie. A favourite of mine, as is Thumbsucker which she also appears in:

And here in an installation art piece called The Maybe in whi
ch she was publically exhibited, asleep:

What's more, she shares my birthday. Inspiring woman. Does she have an autobiography? She should.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Why start a blog? Well it certainly fills time.

I'm living in the North of France on a year of exchange. Donc peut-etre je vais parler en francais de temps en temps... It is afterall a fashionable place. Though the clothes here in the north do seem a little childish at times. Australia does summer fashion better.

I read too many fashion blogs to not want one all of my own.

Favourites from the summer '08 collection of Stolen Girlfriend's Club (New Zealand)