Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Of waiting.

This is what my room would look like if I wasn't living out of host families. They're great and all but how I wish it was really my own space. My two host mothers spent about half an hour talking about how messy I was and how they 'didn't mind, they leave my room to be my room,' but since I know they've each cleaned my room (in their respective houses) at least once I can't help but feel guilty. And I thought I was being good! (picture curtesy of arvidabystrom).

I'm off to London on Thursday and I couldn't be happier about it. I shall be doing lots of vintage shopping (prices otherwise are trop cher for me, damn Australian dollar), celebrating birthdays and generally living it up. These past few days has just been spent anticipating this, and lamenting the lack of warmth. The spring and summertime I see all over blogs and lookbook has not yet reached the north of France, and though I do sit outside in the sun and read my book, it's with the aid of jeans and a jumper. So I will not post here about the joys of springtime colour, but instead of my need for wintery basics a little out of my price range, and beautiful black and whites things I can only dream of. Note to self: wear heels once in a while, I know you're too tall for the oh so petite French, but you can do it anyway.

Anzenino and Florence poncho (from I don't like mondays)

Scout tights (from I don't like mondays)

And I am in dire need of skinny black jeans (I know, who doesn't own a pair of skinny black jeans? What've I been wearing for the past four years? I can't say... I really can't). It's a toss up between these Cheap Mondays (unisex) from I don't like mondays (I know, I know enough with the Mondays), and the Neon Nights below, of Sass and Bide (though that would make three pairs of Sass and Bide jeans in my wardrobe).The Cheap Mondays come in at a much cheaper price (around $90AUS compared to $220AUS) but the fact that they're unisex deters me. Any thoughts?Mommy vs Daddy tee (from I don't like mondays)

And now for the more beautiful, less wearable offerings.

Nina Ricci S/S '08

As above

Lie Sang Bong S/S '08

Givenchy HC S/S '07

Balenciaga Fall '06

Flair Limited Edition Dec '06
All from fashionspot

And alright, alright I'm not entirely defeatist. I'll leave you with some hope of spring thanks to Erez Sabag and The Clothes Horse. Have a great week.


  1. I love your top three runway pictures... they are gorgeous!
    have fun in London!

  2. I love the poncho!
    And have fun in London!

  3. black skinny jeans and me are almost inseparable, but i try to wear something else too and cure my addiction... and i love the runway photos! xx

  4. that Mommy vs Daddy tee is amazing, so perfectly burnt out, just like I've been searching for!! :)


  5. Love the list of little basics.
    Also, I don't think anyone is too tall for heels--if they can walk properly in them!

  6. i love the scout tights and the mommy vs daddy t.

  7. lie sang bong is so cuteeeee.

    i love it

  8. amazing images, adoring the scout lace leggings. yummy blog!

  9. My room is constantly a mess too! I sometimes think it is easier to find things that way :) Have so much fun in London! xx

  10. That poncho looks amazing! And the basic grey tee- cute.

  11. Lol your host mothers seem like real.. genuine people .. cleaning your room! :) love it!!
    the grey basic is amazing! simple but great!

  12. messy room= fantastic!


  13. poncho looks great ! your blog is pretty cool