Monday, May 25, 2009

Inspiration in no particular order.

Too blind to know your best.
Hurrying through the forks without regrets.
Different now, every step feels like a mile.
All the lights seem to flash and pass you by.

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Check it out! Sun! and crepes. Man they were good crepes..

I door I found on my travels.

Very tame peacock at Leeds' Castle. How exquisite.

Vogue U.S. August 1998 via café mode.

So how's it gonna be.
When it all comes down you're cycling trivialities.

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Photography miguel reveriego via kelly smith

Don't know which way to turn.
Every trifle becoming big concerns.
All this time you were chasing dreams,
without knowing what you wanted them to mean.

So how's it gonna be.
When it all comes down you're cycling trivialities.
So how's it gonna be.
When it all comes down you're cycling trivialities.


lily donaldson via tfs

Who cares in a hundred years from now.
All the small steps, all your shitty clouds.
Who cares in a hundred years from now.
Who'll remember all the players.
Who'll remember all the clowns.

Friday, May 22, 2009

More stuff and things

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nasir mazhar via anna trevelyan

I'm waiting to become my age. Probably shouldn't do that, given I am whatever age I am, tant pis. I've been too old for it for a long time. Now I'm beginning to think I'm going the opposite way. It's probably a product of being around people younger than me all the time here in France, an irritating truth of the exchange process, which extends into thinking about the past, because friends at home are irrevocably frozen in time via distance.

People my age:


As you can see, I, like everyone else on the web, am digging white shirts at the moment. I tried to find some more than fashion inspiring people, but I picked some dodgy search terms. Share some with me if you please (or just yourself, whatever).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The hole

I screwed up my knee somehow running the other day. Not being able to exercise is the pits, as all I've done instead is nothing + eating. Saw a bit more of the countryside today with my host family today, and via papermag I found this amazing prank. Basically these two guys found a lot of information about this gamer on the internet, put together a scrapbook and gave it to him, beginning his 'mission to save the future'. It goes on for years, and includes plane travel, an art exhibition of the prank and culminates in the gamer finding himself in a theatre show in which he saves the future. Amazing stuff, and here's the full thing from his point of view here.

Along the same lines of distracting things on the internet, I 'stumbled upon' this, an artwork in which the artist sent over 300 love letters (to lovers, friends, family) pasted to the outside of the addressed evelope for all to read, to strangers. They're all up on the website if you want to peruse. I've never sent a love letter in my life thanks to the internet, and I'm feeling a bit left out of the process. It's a bit of voyeurism really, but so is postsecret and we all know how successful that is. What makes watching private things publically so fascinating? Some say it's about exploring human nature and feeling more connected. I suppose that is in there, but we're still not at all connected to the real people who write/receive those love letters, or who write those secrets, so what is it?

I miss being creative. And being around creative people. I miss living and feeling like this:

Does that make sense? If you have any creative things I should look into, hit me up.

First four lookbook last two me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 5

Last one. I took a break from studies and watched Shortbus. What a bizarre film. Though I agree with the director that the explicit nature of the film is necessary. So explicit! I've never seen so many naked bodies in the space of an hour and a half. Then listened to Bloc Party and felt pessimistic about the state of humanity, as you do when you listen to Bloc Party. Makes me feel a bit dirty for spending time on fashion. But it's a beautiful day, and the forest was very pretty this afternoon. I'm rambling, here's the beautiful people.

The Cassette Society
I love this designer, so I was a bit disappointed with a collection which I could probably find in European high street stores for much cheaper prices.

Michael Lo Sordo
Love the belt throughout. And the white shirts.

Magdelena Velevska
Usually I like draping dresses like that one, but this collection didn't seem to pull them off, despite the lovely feminine prints and colours.

Fernando Frisoni
Mmm white and waistcoats, lovely. Though I'm not a fan of the feet bandaging.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 4

Sorry this is dragging on. I've been thrown into taking a French exam (internationally recognised diploma type exam) at a level that will be way too hard for me (B2). I'm not expecting to pass, and will even be in Belgium for the oral component, so there's actually no possible way for me to pass, but I'm not looking forward to 2.5 hours of staring at an exam that I can't do, so I've been studying French grammar aggressively. Kill me. Oh well, it's quite useful, if only I could remember it.

Here's a fun test: what's the difference between a demonstrative pronoun and a demonstrative adjective? No google!

On a more interesting and fun note, here's day 4:

Sorry I don't have the individual designers' names on hand, but what amazing new talent! So fresh.

Sara Philips
Not overly impressed with this collection. Bit samey..

Romance Was Born
What insanos. Some of these pieces took the sea theme a little too literally...
These are the quite toned down ones.

Lisa Ho
Another unoriginal collection, though I adore that button down shirt.

Karla Spetic
Loving the crochet and the slouch. Some great beachwear in this collection.

Juli Grbac
Great lines, great flow, great gold on the side of the runway.

Gary Bigeni
Pas mal, mais pas vachement interessant non plus.

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